Fossil Dig

Our fossil dig is loaded!

Be a paleontologist.

A highlight of the park is the Fossil Dig. Here, children age 3-12 can sift through sand in a paleontological setting in search of authentic fossils and may keep 3 fossils as a memento of their trip.

Fossil Dig tickets are included in the child admission price for ages 3-12. Anyone over 12 or under 3 who wants to dig, the price is $2.

Find everything from Shark teeth to Sea urchins, dinosaur bone fragments and more. We have over 10 types of authentic fossils in our Fossil Dig, here are some examples of what is hidden in the Fossil Dig.

Amber Ammonite
Orthoceras Crinoid
Gastropods Shark’s Teeth
Turritella Trilobites and Ammonite
Brachiopods Sponges